23. June 2017: Immortal Jane. Jane Austen in a Global Context – Student Conference

Student Conference ‘Immotral Jane‘ taking place on June 23, 2017 in the Emmy-Noether-Saal, Alte Mensa, Wilhelmsplatz

Confirmed keynote speaker: Dr. Gabrielle Malcolm, Bath profile pic

Call for Papers

2017 marks the bicentenary year of Jane Austen’s early death on July 18, 1817. In commemoration, the Seminar for English Philology (SEP) at the University of Göttingen organises a student conference along with a number of both curricular and extra-curricular Jane Austen themed events.

This second student conference taking place at the English Department aims at celebrating the life, works and legacy of Jane Austen by examining her constant presence and interaction with society today by means of different mediums, cultures and genres. Her novels and life have been immortalised and revisited not just in the confines of classrooms but also through YouTube adaptations, video games, cult tourism and rap battles. We invite students to take the opportunity to present and discuss research results that approach Jane Austen through this modern lens.


Find the full programme here J.A._Student Conference Poster_online

Excited for the pictures? Have a look!






© Picture by Central European University


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