1. June 2017: The Jane Austen Mystery Murder Play

What do we get if we bring mystery and murder to a shooting location of a new Jane Austen adaptation?

The Austen themed Murder Mystery Play promises you an evening of intrigue and wild accusations as you try identify the criminal, the motive and have the opportunity to win a prize.


The Murder Mystery Play is a non-scripted, improvised play in which we designed for you a story with 20 characters. Once the registration is over each participant will receive a character card of her/his character with instructions. As long as you follow them, you can develop the character as you wish (looks, manners, behaviour, speech, etc.) By the end of the event you may provide your version of who, how and why committed the crime. If you are right, the prize is yours!

The MUrder Mystery Play is taking place 1. June 2017 from 5-9 p.m. in the Medienraum (0.244) in the English Department, Käte-Hamburger-Weg 3

Please, note that we ask for an entrance fee of 3,- € so that we can provide some snacks and the prize itself.

Registration (including payment of fee) will be open on May 15, 4-6 p.m., and May 16, 2-4 p.m. in the SEP Lunchroom (across the Medienraum). Since the event is limited to 20 participants, make sure to register in time.

For further questions contact:

Ashumi Shah (ashumi.shah@stud.uni-goettingen.de)

Kseniia Tereschenko (kseniia.tereschenko@stud.uni-goettingen.de)


The Murder Mystery Play is over – but have a look at the pictures taken that evening:



© Picture by Virginia State Parks


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